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Here we go again

March 9th, 2011 No comments

So apparently I suck at keeping up with my blog posts. I even have recurring reminder tasks on my calendar. The problem of course is me getting into the habit of deleting the backlog of tasks that I haven’t done. And this fact actually brings me to write a blog post.

Workflow is something that many people struggle with creating, and then sticking to it. I know that while I have my system, I am not perfect with it and still typically end up doing only the tasks that I remember off the top of my head, failing to check my task list thoroughly first. I TRY to follow the Get Things Done model, and even use a GTD app called The Hit List, which is pretty solid even though it is STILL in beta (has been the entire time I’ve been using it since the Macheist sale I picked it up in). I also use a program called BusyCal for my calendar because it syncs with Google Calendar natively (which is awesome!). Independently, both of these applications are great, but I think my main difficulty with checking them each day is the issue of having to check BOTH of them each day.

What I would LOVE to do is sync the apps to each other with some Applescript! The unfortunate part is that while The Hit List has some Applescript support, BusyCal has VERY little. If BusyCal had the correct interface, then I could easily force THL to record tasks in BusyCal, making it so that I can see things in a calendar view for my todo items. The alternative would be for THL to allow a calendar view (weekly or monthly or next 7 days or whatever) that just shows the tasks for that period of time, and I would be happy. I would move everything over and be done with it! Unfortunately, BusyCal is not building out Applescript support, and THL isn’t going to add a calendar view any time soon, so I’m just stuck in limbo trying to remember to check my task list every day…