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It’s About Time

January 31st, 2011 No comments

It’s about damn time I posted again. Funny how the semester just disappears… and of all the things that inspire me to write a quick blog post, it’s the fact that Sony has finally done what I have wanted for AGES with the rumor that they are adding cloud storage of game saves!!! Article I found it in is here. And here was my last post about the subject back on 11/9. Hooray!!!

In other news, the semester has been busy between continuing the job application process and keeping up with school. I have had trouble keeping up with including work in that mixture as well! Is really too bad because it affects the amount of money in my bank account…

Also, I have started a diet (read eating healthier and TRYING to do more/some exercise) and am continuing to wish there were 32 hours in a day. Maybe I’ll get around to writing something up about those subjects? All I can say is I’ll try!

Console Game Saving — Beyond the Box

November 9th, 2010 No comments

Something that has confused me for a while is why there is no easy way, when you save your place in a game on a console that is on the web, to save to a “cloud server” with your credentials. Example: When you are playing a game on a PS3, it is possible to play online for free. When you are playing online with/against others, why can’t you record or progress/save your game online so you can play from any console with that game in the future?

Yes, presently there are memory cards for being able to pull your save files off a console and take them to another one, but I have never actually seen one of these memory cards. Back in the days of the N64 and Gamecube, PS and PS2, and others of the recent consoles before the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360, the use of memory cards was exclusive because there was no other way to save a game. Now, I don’t know a single person who owns one.

Basically, why isn’t this service available! Is it possible that Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are intentionally confining people to using the same console? I don’t really know the answer to that question, but this has been bugging me for some time now, and will likely bother me even more when I finally get a console post-college for myself and want to get all those old save files from other people’s consoles (like my Demon Souls save files from this summer!!).

Fable 2

November 2nd, 2010 No comments

Fable 2 has a HUGE amount of content in it, but a lacking for how much of that is required for the storyline. When I say “lacking,” I mean you could commit hours and hours and hours to this game, but never get more than half-way through the storyline because you simply don’t feel like triggering the next instance. What happens when you don’t continue the story? NOTHING! There is zero encouragement to continue the story at the half-way point in the game.

But what about the game itself? It is pretty close to the first in the series, with the exception of changing both the spell engine and the introduction of firearms. That’s right, they added firearms and modified the ranged targeting system so that you aren’t just standing back and trying to snipe off the enemies’ heads with a bow and arrow. I think that the bow and arrow removal did nothing for the gameplay itself though. It does allow you to build your ranged attacks the way you want to (more DPS with a pistol, big damage with rifles, or somewhere in between with crossbows), but to me that didn’t really change the feel of things, especially with the ability to get a level in one of the skill abilities that allows you to tap “Y” at the right time after firing to immediately fire again. Suddenly the rifle turned into a DPS’ing cannon!

What about the spell changes? They honestly didn’t do a whole lot. Yes, you can now charge-up to the higher levels of a skill, but there is no reason to charge up the majority of the skills in the game because there is no mana bar. Yup, they removed the mana bar and in return made it so you would likely have to sacrifice HP to charge up to a higher level of a skill. Since I like to spam the “time control” skill so that I can fly past enemies and then strike them from behind, there was no reason to ever charge up a skill other than to either slow down time with the “time control”s AOE version or to farm gold in one of the later quests with the “raise dead” spell level 5.

So then what did you actually like about the game? The volume of content outside of the storyline itself. There really aren’t that many quests outside of the main storyline, but it is essentially a free-world. You can buy ANY property in the game essentially and either move-in or rent it out. You can marry (though I didn’t try to find out if polygamy was possible in the game) and eventually have kids in the game (grow a family, nurture them, etc.). I spent most of my game time (about a month and a half ago now) becoming a real estate mogul in the game (owned a blacksmith, couple bars, a bunch of houses, and I don’t even remember what else now).

There was a large change that made a big difference in gameplay from the first one, and that was the introduction of a companion. Think Navi from Zelda, but your dog can actually fight if trained enough, and helps you find those hidden dig spots and treasures in the game. It went from a game of guessing where to dig or find treasure to running around and waiting for your dog to let you know where to get the next bit of treasure or quest item.

But what of the storyline itself? Was it at least intriguing? Not really. They seemed to take the story from the first one and recast it for a different time in the same world. I did like how they continually tried to connect the first game and the second, but found the story incredibly short (as stated before). If I had actively tried, I likely could have beaten the main story in about 3 hours of playing. That’s right, a single sitting if I had followed all the in game cues to go through the story. The final boss fight was even disappointing. The hardest fights in the game are against the “trolls,” and they just require standing back and dodging their attacks while you shoot the targets on it as they appear and then take your final shot when the health bar of the troll is low enough. Pretty disappointing from a challenge perspective, of course, that’s not why I played the game through in the first place.

Then why did I play it through? Because of the side-story content. Buying up all the property in the game was a fun goal for a while, but I eventually did get bored. The dog was a fun addition, and its existence greatly affected my end-game “big decision.” But it simply bugged me to no end that the majority of the unique weapons in the game were all in the downloadable content. I’m sorry Microsoft, I’m not going to pay for Xbox Live just so that I can download an extra island of content in the game. Overall, the game was pretty disappointing, but entertained me for a brief period of time.

A Little Catch-up

April 6th, 2009 4 comments

It looks like I am a bit behind in keeping up with this blog regarding my goal to post once per ever 2-3 days. Happens. Seems to happen every weekend though since I haven’t even been getting online over the past couple weekends. Just the way it has been working.

I will start the post off with what I found to be hilarious last week. It would seem that Stephen Colbert has done it again with making things interesting for everyone else while receiving more face time for himself. He found out that NASA was opening the voting for the name of the next piece of the space station to the public. There happened to be a write-in option. This was possibly NASA’s biggest mistake with this whole idea. Colbert had his audience of thousands use his name as the write-in which resulted in him winning by a wide margin of 40,000+ votes. I found this whole thing hilarious and will be deeply disappointed if NASA doesn’t honor it. Source:

The next tab that I have open in my browser for the purpose of blogging about it is a game that a friend of mine has created. She and a group of friends have created a game called “Some Assembly Required” which is closing on its completion. At first I figured it wouldn’t be anything too fantastic, but after viewing some screen-shots, I am deeply impressed with it! Of course, part of my doubt was that I hadn’t been following the production, but the results are astonishing to say the least. I am very impressed! Hazel’s blog post about the present version of the game is here.

The last article that I found last week that I wanted to just quickly mention in this blog post is about some MIT research. There is research at MIT for working on new rechargable batteries. Sounds harmless at first till you hear the rest of the headline. The full title is: “MIT Scientists Build Virus-Powered Batteries for Your Next Electric Car.” They were able to imitate a battery by genetically engineering viruses to act as the anodes and cathodes to the battery. Only recently did they figure out how to imitate the cathodes of a battery, but they have been working on the anode part of the battery for the last 3 years. They claim they will not use any threatening viruses because naturally the usage of one would be detrimental to the saleability of the batteries and the approval of the batteries by the government. Source:

As for my weekend itself, it was pretty good. My brother received the rank of Eagle on Friday night. I was the MC for the event and it went VERY well. He has definitely excelled in Boy Scouts faster than I did and will likely achieve a much higher rank of achievement than I ever did. Next on his todo list is going to be becoming a Black Belt as my father and I already have.

Saturday was spent with the grandparents and sleeping in followed by heading back to Atlanta. Sunday was spent doing homework and eatting brunch at the White House Caf?. Love going there and will probably be hanging out with Robbie later this week. Finished the weekend in grand style watching more Babylon 5. I absolutely love the show and find myself wishing I could watch the next episode on a rather regular basis.

Lastly, my next project is going to be creating the music blog I promised for my girlfriend.

This week

March 9th, 2009 No comments

Ugh, this week is not going to be terribly fun. There are way too many things due this week, especially at the end of it. It is really unfortunate, but I guess this IS what they do every year to us right before our Spring Break. Turned in a project today, have another due on Friday. Have a homework due Friday. Have a test tomorrow and a quiz on Friday. All around, makes for a very busy week.

In other areas, I have decided that I really really like the theme that I have here on my blog. I have decided that I am going to do something similar if not the same as the theme on the blog so that my site is rather uniform. If I don’t do the same thing (because I have to do some extra coding to make the theme work), then I might just use the theme as inspiration. After I have finished the visual redesign (over the course of the next few weeks/the rest of this month), I will focus on the content of the rest of the site along with the back-end of the site so that the content can be more dynamic.

<rant> as a side note, my room mate has evolved from just running a single Runescape account to running two Runescape accounts AT THE SAME TIME! I just said to him “wow… talk about wasting time!” </rant>

Mario’s True Origins

December 29th, 2008 No comments

So, after much scientific study and research, Mario’s true origins have become plain. Initially, we could only narrow it down to 3 possibilities.

1) Mario is an Italian plumber just like Nintendo says… but this just doesn’t seem to be the case. Look at the poor guy, he is chasing goombas and koopas around, and only occasionally does he work on any pipes. And when he does work on people’s pipes, can you really call the work he does good enough for a tradesman?

2) Mario is Jewish… maybe even a Jewish pirate (or maybe just a pirate). He is obsessed with that which is shiny. Coins of all size, shape, and color. Stars are another favorite of his, for he must, at all costs, find the stars. The stars are shiny and remind him of where he belongs, amongst them.

3) Mario is Irish. To be more precise, Mario is a Leprechaun, and a well disguised one at that. Course, if you are going to argue he is disguised, you must be under the impression that all Leprechauns dress in green overalls and never veer from this wonderful fashion statement. So besides the fact that he wears the get-up of a Leprechaun in different colors, he is also obsessed with gold (just like the pirate theory, but more applicable). He hordes it, and also is constantly trying to collect his lucky stars.

By the stars, Mario is most definitely, 95% Irish! I say 95% because we must still say that he has 5% Italian plumber simply in honor of Nintendo and Mario’s legacy leading up to this shocking finding.

Retro gaming

December 21st, 2008 No comments

I find myself over this holiday break drawn not to playing any of the new video games that we have (granted “new” is being used loosely even there since we haven’t gotten a new game in over a year). So what game is it that my little brother and I have begun playing again? We are playing Super Mario 64. Yes, I have already gotten all 120 stars on it before and have beaten bowser all 3 times, but the game has a certain level of allure to it that has some drawn at least me back to it.

Other games that I am thinking about playing right now for no other reason than to play something? I might beat Zelda again… yeah, the Ocarina of Time. Have beaten that one too, and in rereading what I have written thus far I see that I am such a nerd, it’s pretty funny. Ah well, of course the other game that I really want to play, but sadly don’t own it, is Civilizations 4. Looks good and I haven’t played a Civ game in years. Loved those games and wish to get the new one… should I decide to buy it for myself though, I haven’t decided if I will get it for the Mac or the PC. The conundrum is that if I get it for the Mac, then I could play it on my new laptop, however I might just end up playing during classes if I do that though, which isn’t a great idea. If I get it for PC, my desktop computer would continue to be my main gaming machine, but I will be betraying my new laptop. Course I could install Windows on my new laptop… I don’t like that idea at all! Well anyway, that is the thought process behind that purchase which I might just make following this holiday season. We shall see is all I really have to say about it though.

Regardless of that video game decision (which probably it isn’t a very good idea in the first place since the next semester is going to be so so damn hard), I have other things to focus on now over both the break and during the next semester besides video games. Not that that issue will even come close to stopping me from playing them, but we shall just have to see how it goes.

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