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Opening Pandora’s Box

February 13th, 2011 2 comments

Yes, after going multiple days planning to update, but no desire to update because of the dismal Super Bowl last weekend (I’m glad I didn’t make a prediction a week ago), I found a story that actually inspired me enough to throw up a post about it. Before doing that though, to quickly touch on the Super Bowl:

  • In December, I said the one team that would be difficult in the NFC for the Steelers to beat would be the Green Bay Packers… and unfortunately I was right.
  • The Steelers were outplayed (sorry family, they were). Regardless if you can move the ball up and down the field, you just can’t make that many mistakes and expect to win a ball game. Oh yeah, and the Packers didn’t really make any mistakes… game over!
  • The commercials were pretty bad this year. Only a few funny ones at all, course those were punctuated by my grandmother exclaiming that they were disgusting for some reason or another.
  • Christina Aguilera should have practiced before the Super Bowl… enough said.
  • They need to just remove the half-time show. Yes, it is a draw for many viewers, but it’s not worth airing in my opinion, especially when the sound crew sucks THAT bad!

Alright, now to what truly interested me enough to post! Many of us use the Pandora Radio service. I knew that they were relatively¬†ubiquitous¬†amongst people who listen to online radio, but didn’t realize that they had a claim to 50% of the internet radio market share! That’s huge! I’m impressed in all honesty, and am really happy with Pandora as a whole. Well, now that Pandora has SUCH a big market share, they figure they might as well go for an IPO. The hopes? Raise around $100 million. Apparently, according to a Slashdot posting (and my sole source here), Pandora has sent their IPO request forms to the SEC, so I’m sure it will make bigger news in the coming weeks.

Snow, Surprises and Blegh

February 12th, 2010 4 comments

So I realize it has been a little while since I have blogged and that is a direct result of the title (not really the snow part because that is giving me time to post this) and a few other things that have been going on in my life.

First, snow! It’s actually snowing in Atlanta… I am shocked! I don’t think we have gotten this kind of snow in a good long while, especially not in February (at least not close to the start of the month). I always remember it actually getting around to snowing in Georgia about when you would least expect it (start of March for example). It is really pretty outside, and there is actually enough for Tech to call school for the rest of today and for a group of people to be working on building an igloo outside. So that would make it like 2-3 inches, right? Well, that’s what they have predicted at least. We’ll see how accurate that is. Either way, landscaping/groundskeeping is going to be mad about this because snow always means that the quad gets WRECKED between the frequent sledding (attempts) and generally trying to scoop up the snow which results in grabbing lots of grass usually.

Snow also seems to bring out the WORST in Georgia drivers. I swear, they are absolutely terrible when it snows because they have no experience with it for one thing. It degrades to people trying to drive like they would normally (way too aggressively) and ending up wrecking or just in general panicking in some manner, causing Georgia roads to look like this:

In other areas, since I have been slacking on my blog, I was wrong about my Super Bowl predictions. The Colts and Peyton Manning never really looked quite as sharp as they have the rest of the season, especially towards the end of the game. Just goes to prove the statement “any given Sunday.”

Following the Super Bowl, I unfortunately ended up getting VERY sick. Between the hours of 1 AM and 9:30 AM on Monday, I was either barfing into a toilet or waiting for the next round to start while lying in bed clutching my stomach. It was extremely NOT fun! To boot, I caught whatever it was from my grandmother (grandparents were supposed to be over for the end of last week and ended up being over for the majority of the weekend) and then my mom caught it from me. Whatever it was, it is no fun to have nothing left in your body to throw up and still be leaning over a toilet.

So that explains the absence on Monday, and Friday was spent going from school to home with the family and grandparents. Overall, I have been pretty busy. I do however have some future blog posts planned, so expect to see me return to my original timeframe for posting.

The only other new thing that has been going on as of late is that I am “officially” not returning to GTRI this summer and hence will definitely be in the DC area. I have completed my application for Neustar per their HR department’s needs and my resum? has been entered into MITRE’s system for a potential job with them in information security. Also, I found out GTRI has an office in the DC area, so I have enquired as to what it does, but haven’t heard back yet. I also, just last night, applied to a job that I most likely won’t be getting out in California. It is a PHP/Rails Hacker full-time position. I read through the desired work experience and expertise information and couldn’t keep myself from applying to a job that seemed to describe me and my own professional experiences. If it weren’t a full-time position, I would likely be more serious about considering it. We’ll see what happens, I figured it was worth a shot to just send my application and see what happens. The company is TechCrunch, who is essentially a start-up news site that’s still a start-up themselves. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a listing that I saw for information security, so that isn’t really a consideration there anyways.

Super Bowl

January 25th, 2010 No comments

Firstly, sorry to those of you that actually read my blog often enough to have noticed that I failed to post on Friday.

Now, about the Super Bowl. Those people who know me are aware of my personal love of football and how much I watch it (playing it was unfortunately never an option because my parents didn’t want to risk me getting injured….). In high school, when they came out with the NFL channel, I had the satellite on it (channel 212… if you cared) essentially all the time. My brother has now picked that up even worse than myself and actually Tivo’s a bunch of the different shows so he is constantly up to date. I have switched to just keeping up with the website.

The Super Bowl itself is going to be interesting this year. I was originally hoping for the San Diego Chargers and the Minnesota Vikings, but it doesn’t look like that prediction was right at all. Of course, I made that prediction before wild card weekend. The New York Jets came out as a surprise from the bizarre and convoluted AFC playoff race. Seriously, 6 teams in the hunt for 2 playoff positions going into the final 2 weeks of the regular season? That’s ridiculous by anyone’s standards. After the Jets managed to beat my AFC choice with their awesome defensive game, they went on to face the Colts who we now know actually has a running defense. On the other side, in the NFC, the Vikings were stopped by the Saints, and after watching the highlights and the like, the better team on defense definitely won! 6 fumbles (only 3 were recovered by the opposing team, but still) is a ridiculously high number in a single game. Especially for the Vikings to have stayed in it and go to overtime. I really did want to see Brett Favre in the Super Bowl again, haven’t seen him there since he lost to the Denver Broncos and John Elway in Super Bowl XXXII (played in 1998 for the 1997 season).

Anyways, my predictions for this year’s Super Bowl are going to be similar to‘s website, except they haven’t made full predictions, just guesses. It will most likely be a shootout as they are predicting! Let’s face it, Peyton Manning on one side of the ball and Drew Brees on the other. That’s two of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL this season regardless of the sorting category you choose (stats as long as you don’t choose interceptions of course). I don’t think that the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl though. I think that Peyton Manning is going to come away with his second Super Bowl ring for 2 reasons.

  1. He had a defense that actually showed up this weekend. That’s not to say that the Saints won’t pick it apart. Just that they have the stronger of the 2 teams defenses in my opinion (possibly not by the numbers, I didn’t fact check that).
  2. The Saints offense is going to have trouble on the ground and will have to pass even more through the air. The way their defense is setup is to play ahead on the scoreboard and defend against the big plays and keep everything in front of them. That works just fine when you are facing a team that can’t match your scoring capabilities.

Prediction: Colts win over Saints by 10.

Disclaimer: Remember, this is all my own predictions and I only fact checked some of the information that I felt was not my own opinion. My reasons for the predication are ALL opinion (along with the prediction itself of course). Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware.