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TIL: Music Festivals

September 22nd, 2013 No comments

This weekend I attended Music Midtown 2013. The music was good, the sound quality and video work was excellent, but there were some downsides that I’m going to enumerate for myself so maybe, possibly, I’ll come back to this before buying tickets to another music festival.

  1. It’s cool to go with a group of people, but don’t insist on hanging with them for every single show, especially when there are multiple stages. Not everyone has the same taste in music.
  2. If there is just a chance of rain, be sure to already have panchos/other rain gear. Man was that field muddy!
  3. It’s nice to hear the music, but you don’t get the vibe of the band if you aren’t near the stage. When there’s an artist you like, get there early and camp it.
  4. If someone forgets their ticket, don’t let them hold up the group who’s made plans to be there on time/early. They can cab down and ride back with you.
  5. If one of your goals is to be drunk throughout the majority of the festival (assuming you have transportation of course), getting drunk beforehand can work quite nicely to be maintained via the overpriced light beers at the festival.
  6. Since there is no need to constantly be with your group every second of the festival, setup regrouping places and times so there’s no worries of “no cell service and can’t find people, now what?”

I’ll add more if I think of more, but those seem to be the big takeaways.