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The Job Hunt

October 11th, 2010 No comments

Since I am a graduating senior from college this year (as opposed to just a senior, which I was last year), I have been going strong with the job hunt. Thanks to a career fair on campus in mid-September, I have actually had a pretty large number of leads and a decent number of interviews. I really wasn’t expecting the career fair to produce much going in, but was pleasantly surprised by it. My approach came down to:

  1. Ask the recruiter to tell you more about their company beyond what you already know about them (in the case of some companies, I actually knew who they were, so would mention that and then ask for more information).
  2. Follow that up with “how can my [insert professional interest here] fit into your company” or “what kind of [insert professional interest here] opportunities do you have?”
  3. From here, it became a case-by-case situation dependent upon what I was interested in that they mentioned, and any questions I might have had. To stand out from other candidates, I told some about projects that I have worked on over the summer and also told a few of the recruiters about the senior design project I am working on (to be discussed a bit in a later post).

You really cannot beat a strong resume though. Because of my large amount of professional experience at 3 different companies during my college career, I had an easy time finding additional material to discuss with those companies of actual interest (there were some that I talked to who just had absolutely NO opportunities to offer me, or were simply not situated to even need my talents and interests).

So, to give a small list of some of the companies I have applied to already, partially but not all due to discussions at the career fair, are (career fair contacts, and then the rest):

  • Wipro – applied.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton – on-campus interview scheduled for 10/14.
  • NSA – applied.
  • Cardlytics – haven’t gotten back to me via email yet, will follow up soon.
  • Endgame Systems – no online application, awaiting a call from them, but haven’t heard yet.
  • Barracuda Networks – applied.
  • Capital IQ – have gone through an on-campus interview with them.
  • — non-career fair opportunities —
  • Manhattan Associates – applied and was personally told I would hear from them, but haven’t yet.
  • Factset – interviewed with them on 9/16, haven’t heard back though.
  • Cisco – applied.
  • Neustar – was my summer job, an am part-timing with them still. Will likely discuss this opportunity with them further in November.

The Google one is obviously VERY exciting, and we’ll see how the on-site interview goes on 10/18. Considering that they are flying me out there, and putting me up for 2 nights, I am SUPER stoked about it!!

Snow, Surprises and Blegh

February 12th, 2010 4 comments

So I realize it has been a little while since I have blogged and that is a direct result of the title (not really the snow part because that is giving me time to post this) and a few other things that have been going on in my life.

First, snow! It’s actually snowing in Atlanta… I am shocked! I don’t think we have gotten this kind of snow in a good long while, especially not in February (at least not close to the start of the month). I always remember it actually getting around to snowing in Georgia about when you would least expect it (start of March for example). It is really pretty outside, and there is actually enough for Tech to call school for the rest of today and for a group of people to be working on building an igloo outside. So that would make it like 2-3 inches, right? Well, that’s what they have predicted at least. We’ll see how accurate that is. Either way, landscaping/groundskeeping is going to be mad about this because snow always means that the quad gets WRECKED between the frequent sledding (attempts) and generally trying to scoop up the snow which results in grabbing lots of grass usually.

Snow also seems to bring out the WORST in Georgia drivers. I swear, they are absolutely terrible when it snows because they have no experience with it for one thing. It degrades to people trying to drive like they would normally (way too aggressively) and ending up wrecking or just in general panicking in some manner, causing Georgia roads to look like this:

In other areas, since I have been slacking on my blog, I was wrong about my Super Bowl predictions. The Colts and Peyton Manning never really looked quite as sharp as they have the rest of the season, especially towards the end of the game. Just goes to prove the statement “any given Sunday.”

Following the Super Bowl, I unfortunately ended up getting VERY sick. Between the hours of 1 AM and 9:30 AM on Monday, I was either barfing into a toilet or waiting for the next round to start while lying in bed clutching my stomach. It was extremely NOT fun! To boot, I caught whatever it was from my grandmother (grandparents were supposed to be over for the end of last week and ended up being over for the majority of the weekend) and then my mom caught it from me. Whatever it was, it is no fun to have nothing left in your body to throw up and still be leaning over a toilet.

So that explains the absence on Monday, and Friday was spent going from school to home with the family and grandparents. Overall, I have been pretty busy. I do however have some future blog posts planned, so expect to see me return to my original timeframe for posting.

The only other new thing that has been going on as of late is that I am “officially” not returning to GTRI this summer and hence will definitely be in the DC area. I have completed my application for Neustar per their HR department’s needs and my resum? has been entered into MITRE’s system for a potential job with them in information security. Also, I found out GTRI has an office in the DC area, so I have enquired as to what it does, but haven’t heard back yet. I also, just last night, applied to a job that I most likely won’t be getting out in California. It is a PHP/Rails Hacker full-time position. I read through the desired work experience and expertise information and couldn’t keep myself from applying to a job that seemed to describe me and my own professional experiences. If it weren’t a full-time position, I would likely be more serious about considering it. We’ll see what happens, I figured it was worth a shot to just send my application and see what happens. The company is TechCrunch, who is essentially a start-up news site that’s still a start-up themselves. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a listing that I saw for information security, so that isn’t really a consideration there anyways.

Presently Update and Job Offer

March 6th, 2009 No comments

Things are doing just fine now, just needed a little bit of time.

In other news, I have been offered a job to do some freelance work for a local company called Integrated Medical Care that basically covers medical and disability care for businesses, organizations and communities. They apparently need a billing and invoicing web app for internal usage, so I asked my friend who offered me the job (he is just the IT admin over there) to let me know what the details are. Hopefully I will have that info by end of the weekend so that I can act on it if so interested. Don’t know the pay rate or the specific required hours, but I would be able to work from my own apartment on my own computer(s) which would be pretty awesome! I will update on that when I have more info.

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