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What’s Been Missed

January 8th, 2010 No comments

First off, to tie up some loose ends from the fall semester that I blogged about briefly in that “ages ago” post from August. I did not manage to get the required GPA needed for achieving my 3.5 overall GPA, but I believe I can manage it this year much more easily. I really should have gotten it, but I ended with a 3.4 for the fall semester, which resulted in a 3.43 overall. Not too shabby regardless, but not what I had hoped for. If only I had… well it doesn’t really matter what I could and should have done, the semester is over and I have now dealt with some of the best and worst professors of my entire stay at GT thus far (yes, in a single semester…).

As many of my readers know (do I have many readers? I have no idea…) I am a Jewish student and have been planning, with my girlfriend, on going to Israel this winter break on what is called Taglit Birthright (for more information, see her posts at about the trip and why we ended up missing it in its full detail). The short version of the story is that we really wanted to go and had planned our entire vacation around it. My girlfriend’s passport ended up not getting picked up from the Chinese Embassy (where it was getting validated for her trip to China during the spring semester) and hence we were unable to take the trip. The rest of the vacation has been GREAT though! Since we were unable to spend the holiday in Israel, we have done a whole lot of relaxing at her parent’s house and that has been the sum of the vacation. I did end up beating Fable: The Lost Chapters while here, so I will most likely write a review of that game at a later point.

Last point that I highlighted in my previous post: I have been checking out a note-taking suite called Evernote. It seems to be a very cool suite and I have noticed a few things about it. Firstly, it’s free with a premium account option (that I shouldn’t need for the spring semester). Secondly, it comes with both Windows and Mac native apps along with auto-syncing with the web version of the interface. Essentially they are notes that can be accessed from anywhere if I so desire, along with sharing and some other nifty features. My planned usage is going to be:

  • Create a new notebook per subject
  • Create a new entry per lecture that is dated
  • Take pictures of any notes that are handwritten and attach those using the iSight on my laptop
  • There is also tagging, but I am not sure how well I’ll be able to utilize that

Like I said before, a review will come later, but until then, I advise others to check it out for general tasks, note-taking, and anything else you can think of to use it for. There is a review of it on Lifehacker already.


August 23rd, 2009 No comments

Lately my posts have been sporadic at best. To my tiny reading audience, sorry about that! The final month of my co-op semester was more than filled with activities ranging from preparing for an Open Source Software conference that I helped pull off (for free admission to it), to the visit with my grandparents (which I described in a post yesterday), to me simply not wanting to spend time on my computer at the end of a work day. In all reality, hectic was only part of it. To put it simply, “it is what it is”.

As for how things are going to be looking going forward, with at least this semester. I am taking classes this fall, and hence get some free time during the days again (which can be VERY nice to have between classes and the like). My courses are 3 computer science classes, economics (my last social science… for real this time!), and a management class (working towards that Entrepreneurship Certificate). I have my Information Security class in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and my management class Monday, Wednesday. On Tuesday, Thursday I have my other two computer science classes followed by my economics class (so basically class in the morning, one hour break, other two classes, then go back to the apartment at 3). With that (not so light when it comes to the work load) schedule, I should be able to put out at least a post per week on here. I am not planning on doing any part time work to fill the gaps this semester because I need a higher than 3.7 for the semester to achieve my goal of a 3.5 overall GPA.

On another note though, I will be meeting with a study abroad advisor on Tuesday of this week to determine the logistics of me going to China. I would really love to go, but understand that if I cannot get academic credit for more than one class (besides the Chinese that I would take while there), then I cannot substantiate making the trip. Also, my girlfriend and I are planning on going getting the details for going on the Birthright Israel trip in December. Have to get all the information for that though.

Lastly, I have been working on a post (for about a month now, have gotten bogged down for the above mentioned reasons) regarding how to manage your finances as a college student. I feel that this is a VERY important topic to cover with the present economy taken into consideration.

This week

March 9th, 2009 No comments

Ugh, this week is not going to be terribly fun. There are way too many things due this week, especially at the end of it. It is really unfortunate, but I guess this IS what they do every year to us right before our Spring Break. Turned in a project today, have another due on Friday. Have a homework due Friday. Have a test tomorrow and a quiz on Friday. All around, makes for a very busy week.

In other areas, I have decided that I really really like the theme that I have here on my blog. I have decided that I am going to do something similar if not the same as the theme on the blog so that my site is rather uniform. If I don’t do the same thing (because I have to do some extra coding to make the theme work), then I might just use the theme as inspiration. After I have finished the visual redesign (over the course of the next few weeks/the rest of this month), I will focus on the content of the rest of the site along with the back-end of the site so that the content can be more dynamic.

<rant> as a side note, my room mate has evolved from just running a single Runescape account to running two Runescape accounts AT THE SAME TIME! I just said to him “wow… talk about wasting time!” </rant>

The winter holidays

December 20th, 2008 No comments

So I find myself here again, like every year, wondering “what the hell am I going to get for everyone.” Out of my immediate family, I have something planned for my mom and brother, but have totally failed to come up with anything for my father. Is it bad that I run into this same issue EVERY year with buying for my dad? I really should solve this problem at some point… too bad his favorite things to do are all things that I don’t really have experience with and hence don’t know how to buy for his desires.

Another issue I have with the holidays is how darn commercialized they are. It simply bothers me how the gift giving of Christmas is not as much a thing to be “felt from the heart” but is designed for the corporate market to earn an extra buck off of people. I have just about come to the conclusion that very few people are even sincere about their gift giving now and instead feel they are required or that it is their duty to give gifts. Thank you world media for ingraining this thought process so thoroughly that the giant corporate monsters of companies can continue to earn monies even in bad times.

Ok, that’s enough ranting about that. In other areas, I am planning on doing a rather brief review of my new laptop once I pull it out of the box. I know I am extremely behind all the normal reviews of the new Macbook Pro, but I just think it is fitting to do a review of it near the beginning of my blog… gives the blog a different feel from simply being my own rantings. Besides, some useful information on the blog would definitely be a plus and might actually promote it to get a hit or two from google.

Inspiration for Intuition

December 19th, 2008 No comments

So, my first blog post. This is different from a Facebook note or a MySpace blog post… but the reason why is slightly beyond my reach. A Facebook note has always truck me as a quick way to contact a large number of people publicly. A MySpace blog has always seemed like a cheap method of blogging which anyone and their dogs could do. Creating a real blog, that seems to just require more effort, and hence should be more rewarding. Should be is the keywords there naturally. However, for some reason, I don’t think that this will fall on its face like some of my other attempts at blogging in my life for multiple reasons.

It helps to not be a teenager anymore while I sit here and come up with blog content. It just isn’t the same. When I was a teenager, blog content consisted of whining and moaning about how life was treating me, and that was it! Life wasn’t bad then, isn’t bad now, and hence isn’t worth whining about. Reason one why this will, from the start, be a better blog. Another reason is because I am not tagging or forcing my friends to see this. I am just putting it out there for people to see as they wish. The fact that ANYONE is going to be able to see this instead of just my friends I tag like on Facebook, or all the friends I have (had?) on MySpace, or the precious few that knew about my r/antings I did on Xanga just gives this a completely different feel. You could say that it is the maturing of me, or the maturing of my blogging, or in reality you could say just about whatever you want because it really isn’t going to affect me or the way I approach it.

What do I want to start a blog for? I truly haven’t decided what I want to start a blog for, other than to just have a place that I can write down that which happens in my life/I find interesting/rant about the stupidity of the world (yeah, deal with it, there will be some ranting)/anything else that will come to mind while sitting here typing away on my laptop. Yes, some of my blog posts will be about computers, and coding, and websites. Some of my blog posts will be about inspiration in my life, or intuition into situations around me. All and all, it will be what it is… or to use a quote I most definitely overused in High School “It is what it is.”

Yup, that would definitely be the best description of what this blog is going to be to me. “It is what it is.” **Makes that the tag line for the site**