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It’s About Time

January 31st, 2011 No comments

It’s about damn time I posted again. Funny how the semester just disappears… and of all the things that inspire me to write a quick blog post, it’s the fact that Sony has finally done what I have wanted for AGES with the rumor that they are adding cloud storage of game saves!!! Article I found it in is here. And here was my last post about the subject back on 11/9. Hooray!!!

In other news, the semester has been busy between continuing the job application process and keeping up with school. I have had trouble keeping up with including work in that mixture as well! Is really too bad because it affects the amount of money in my bank account…

Also, I have started a diet (read eating healthier and TRYING to do more/some exercise) and am continuing to wish there were 32 hours in a day. Maybe I’ll get around to writing something up about those subjects? All I can say is I’ll try!

Invisible Blogger?

December 25th, 2010 No comments

So I essentially I went AFK from my blog for the last month due to academics. Considering that this semester was supposed to be relatively easy and straightforward with just one course that I was classifying ahead of time as difficult, the projects for the semester ended up being extraordinarily harder than anticipated due to time constraints and the usual predicament of all due dates piling up right around the same dates. With that being said, I worked a lot harder this semester than I have durning many previous semesters, and was able to turn out 3 A’s and a B (the B is in the “harder” of the courses of course). This FINALLY puts me over a 3.5 GPA, something I have strived to achieve for the last few semesters since I found out you can graduate with highest honors if you are above a 3.5… something. Of course, with that being said, I have my work cut out for me to hit that cut-off point since I am at exactly a 3.50, but we shall see how the next semester goes.

First, my classes going forward. I only have 4 classes left (I worked it so I could take the minimum load per semester for the last 2 years of college to graduate), and they are:

  • LCC 3403 – Technical Writing: That boring class that all majors at Tech are supposed to take so that we know “how to write technical content,” but I have never heard good things about the course.
  • LCC 3254 – History of Film: Finishes up my Humanities credits and I get to take it with Professor Navarro who I enjoyed taking Intro to Film from this semester.
  • CS 3220 – Processor Design: Required and I am not particularly thrilled about having to take the course since it looks relatively difficult, but the alternative is just as good/bad.
  • CS 4365 – Intro to Enterprise Computing: I theoretically could replace this with an information security course, but I’ve had trouble getting faculty to teach the follow up to my Intro to Infosec. The alternatives are this course or take a grad level course in Infosec. If this course does not interest me after the first day of it, I will switch to the grad Infosec course. At the moment, I am registered for this one.

My personal projects going forward:
I would really like to build a technical analysis tool utilizing Google Finance, Yahoo! Finance, or some other financial data repository. Some of the initial issues I am finding include the lack of access provided to this data (the APIs don’t seem to provide easy access from what I can tell). I will play with this more, but I may have to dumb down much of what I want to build just to pull the data directly from links like this. Unfortunately the data becomes extremely unwieldy in that format, rendering what I want to build (yes, I am not providing large amounts of details, at least not right now) either extremely slow or impossible to build. We shall see.

My other project for the holiday season and until I secure a job is continuing to apply to job positions. Just a few of the companies I wish to apply to over the course of the break alone include:

Ones that I have interviews scheduled with:

Behind Again

October 8th, 2010 No comments

So it would seem that I can’t keep up with my desired blogging output (of at least one post a week). It’s been… a while since my last post to say the least! My focuses lately have been with applying to jobs, working for my part-time job (continuation of my summer job), keeping up with academia, and a bit of recreation in the form of beating Fable 2 last night. So, that brings me to what I am going to post about over the next week or so (and actually post about, not just “want” to post about).

  • A review of Fable 2: I believe I did a review of Fable 1 way back when I played that, so might as well do a follow-up.
  • The jobs I am applying for and what opportunities I am presently interviewing for (this is likely to be my next post actually).
  • My senior design project: we are actually working on a pretty cool concept, but I really don’t like the restrictions to what technologies we have to work with. Expect a rant on this subject…
  • Other subjects that come to mind, maybe my entrepreneurship class project…? Depends if I want to release this idea into the wild since it is a bit more unique.

The plan is to do the job offer applying one this weekend, and have it post on Monday. Then knock out the next one by the end of Monday and have it post late next week, etc. Basically the time-table I WAS working with before I started getting lazy about it.

I’m Behind

June 28th, 2010 No comments

At this point, it’s kind of ridiculous how many weeks I am behind on blog posts. It is a recurring todo item on my personal calendar, but I never quite find the time for it in the day. The worst part about that is that I have content for the blog. LifeHacker did a new summary of the MUST have free apps for the Mac, and I am meaning to supplement it with my 2 cents. I have started my internship (been doing it for 3 weeks now) and have already learned plenty of topics ranging from DNS to proper unit testing in a real development environment to learning Python (which is a very fun language). Sprinkled in amongst such activities and learning experiences, there have been news posts worth my comments (in my opinion), and other developments in my personal life that I have debated discussing and just haven’t for the same reason that there hasn’t been an update before now, I didn’t do it.

So, with that being said, I am working on a post on one of those subjects for later this week and hope to get that trend going again. I’m thinking that the first subject will be all the issues I’ve had during the past couple weeks with WordPress due to upgrading BurgerBlog to WordPress 3.0 without taking a database backup. So frustrating.

See you later this week!

Spam and Playing God

February 26th, 2010 No comments

Alright, so first off, if only people wouldn’t post spam to these WordPress blogs. As a lot of you know (yes, all 3 of you readers), my girlfriend is keeping a blog while she is studying abroad in China this semester. Unfortunately, China blocks blogs in general, so she just emails me the posts and I update the blog for her. This also means that I have to do all other maintenance and advertisements though through her Facebook and Twitter accounts, but that’s beside the point. The maintenance is the important, and sometimes annoying part. She gets a bunch of spam comments from all sorts of sources, and it’s funny how most of them actually read like a normal human commenting. Some have the shit grammar that would be expected, but a few read normally, and almost pertain to the post. As a rule though, I have noticed that if there is a website listed with the comment, or if the commenter makes their name something that is a product name or a site name, then I just delete them. As a result, I’ve probably deleted a few legit comments from her blog, but it is difficult at best to tell what’s legit and what’s not. I haven’t installed a captcha system (the pictures with the random characters that you have to type in so it makes sure you aren’t a robot), so I can’t eliminate the spam unfortunately.

As for the “Playing God” part of this post. This is actually an old article that I meant to write about a while back, but it reminds me of Jurassic Park… They are trying to resurrect the Galapagos Tortoises, the ones that were there before Darwin’s famed visit. You know how fruit farmers will splice together certain strains of plants to make new produce like Nectarines from Peaches and Plums? Well, that’s what they are trying to do with tortoises and breeding. At least they aren’t trying to transfuse the DNA of the ancient animals with modern embryo or whatever nonsense they had in Jurassic Park, but it’s a close second in my book! Here’s the article: Mother Nature Network.

Snow, Surprises and Blegh

February 12th, 2010 4 comments

So I realize it has been a little while since I have blogged and that is a direct result of the title (not really the snow part because that is giving me time to post this) and a few other things that have been going on in my life.

First, snow! It’s actually snowing in Atlanta… I am shocked! I don’t think we have gotten this kind of snow in a good long while, especially not in February (at least not close to the start of the month). I always remember it actually getting around to snowing in Georgia about when you would least expect it (start of March for example). It is really pretty outside, and there is actually enough for Tech to call school for the rest of today and for a group of people to be working on building an igloo outside. So that would make it like 2-3 inches, right? Well, that’s what they have predicted at least. We’ll see how accurate that is. Either way, landscaping/groundskeeping is going to be mad about this because snow always means that the quad gets WRECKED between the frequent sledding (attempts) and generally trying to scoop up the snow which results in grabbing lots of grass usually.

Snow also seems to bring out the WORST in Georgia drivers. I swear, they are absolutely terrible when it snows because they have no experience with it for one thing. It degrades to people trying to drive like they would normally (way too aggressively) and ending up wrecking or just in general panicking in some manner, causing Georgia roads to look like this:

In other areas, since I have been slacking on my blog, I was wrong about my Super Bowl predictions. The Colts and Peyton Manning never really looked quite as sharp as they have the rest of the season, especially towards the end of the game. Just goes to prove the statement “any given Sunday.”

Following the Super Bowl, I unfortunately ended up getting VERY sick. Between the hours of 1 AM and 9:30 AM on Monday, I was either barfing into a toilet or waiting for the next round to start while lying in bed clutching my stomach. It was extremely NOT fun! To boot, I caught whatever it was from my grandmother (grandparents were supposed to be over for the end of last week and ended up being over for the majority of the weekend) and then my mom caught it from me. Whatever it was, it is no fun to have nothing left in your body to throw up and still be leaning over a toilet.

So that explains the absence on Monday, and Friday was spent going from school to home with the family and grandparents. Overall, I have been pretty busy. I do however have some future blog posts planned, so expect to see me return to my original timeframe for posting.

The only other new thing that has been going on as of late is that I am “officially” not returning to GTRI this summer and hence will definitely be in the DC area. I have completed my application for Neustar per their HR department’s needs and my resum? has been entered into MITRE’s system for a potential job with them in information security. Also, I found out GTRI has an office in the DC area, so I have enquired as to what it does, but haven’t heard back yet. I also, just last night, applied to a job that I most likely won’t be getting out in California. It is a PHP/Rails Hacker full-time position. I read through the desired work experience and expertise information and couldn’t keep myself from applying to a job that seemed to describe me and my own professional experiences. If it weren’t a full-time position, I would likely be more serious about considering it. We’ll see what happens, I figured it was worth a shot to just send my application and see what happens. The company is TechCrunch, who is essentially a start-up news site that’s still a start-up themselves. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a listing that I saw for information security, so that isn’t really a consideration there anyways.

A New Year

January 7th, 2010 No comments

So there are updates, upgrades, and all sorts of other things going on in my life that I have NOT blogged about. But first why I haven’t blogged in a while:

I found that my posts were heading towards the melodramatic and figured that I didn’t need to be posting these online for the public to see. If I really need a place to have these posts, I should just get a LiveJournal account and angst all I want to the few people who would want to read it.

So what am I doing about this? I am re-centering my blog’s focus on computer/technology stuff, philosophical ideas and inspirations that come to mind, and the big highlights of my life that deserve to be shared.

Where that takes us from here: I would like to get back into a habit of semi-regular blog posts with a goal of 1-2 per week (aim for Mondays and Fridays). I can’t guarantee this nearly as well as I would like, but so be it. What I will try to do to increase the likelihood of this happening is, since my writings come in bursts anyways, capitalize on that with the ability to publish far off into the future so I can knockout 1-3 posts in a single sitting. With that being said, the only other things that this post is going to cover is the website upgrades and updates that have occurred, some of them no less than an hour before I started typing this blog post.

Updates/upgrades: obviously I have updated the WordPress install to the latest version first and foremost and then I started checking out some additional plugins so I can try to keep track of some of the statistics on this blog. Outside of my blog, I have done some work on the layout of itself and have finally moved my old jewelry site to the background by putting it into my “Archive” section. Yes, those buttons are actually photoshop created by me, I am mildly proud of myself that I finally got around to doing them… I have only been planning those for 3 months. Lastly, I have updated my girlfriend’s URL to point to the homepage now instead of straight to BurgerBlog like it was. This upgrade will allow all the links for her URL/categories/etc… to point to the same place regardless of which base URL is used.

Next update: expect a new update this Friday at the latest. I am going to post about the winter adventures, how they could and should have gone, what happened with my overall GPA, and then move on to an introduction of the new system I am going to be trying out during the spring semester for note-taking.

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