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A Little Catch-up

April 6th, 2009 4 comments

It looks like I am a bit behind in keeping up with this blog regarding my goal to post once per ever 2-3 days. Happens. Seems to happen every weekend though since I haven’t even been getting online over the past couple weekends. Just the way it has been working.

I will start the post off with what I found to be hilarious last week. It would seem that Stephen Colbert has done it again with making things interesting for everyone else while receiving more face time for himself. He found out that NASA was opening the voting for the name of the next piece of the space station to the public. There happened to be a write-in option. This was possibly NASA’s biggest mistake with this whole idea. Colbert had his audience of thousands use his name as the write-in which resulted in him winning by a wide margin of 40,000+ votes. I found this whole thing hilarious and will be deeply disappointed if NASA doesn’t honor it. Source:

The next tab that I have open in my browser for the purpose of blogging about it is a game that a friend of mine has created. She and a group of friends have created a game called “Some Assembly Required” which is closing on its completion. At first I figured it wouldn’t be anything too fantastic, but after viewing some screen-shots, I am deeply impressed with it! Of course, part of my doubt was that I hadn’t been following the production, but the results are astonishing to say the least. I am very impressed! Hazel’s blog post about the present version of the game is here.

The last article that I found last week that I wanted to just quickly mention in this blog post is about some MIT research. There is research at MIT for working on new rechargable batteries. Sounds harmless at first till you hear the rest of the headline. The full title is: “MIT Scientists Build Virus-Powered Batteries for Your Next Electric Car.” They were able to imitate a battery by genetically engineering viruses to act as the anodes and cathodes to the battery. Only recently did they figure out how to imitate the cathodes of a battery, but they have been working on the anode part of the battery for the last 3 years. They claim they will not use any threatening viruses because naturally the usage of one would be detrimental to the saleability of the batteries and the approval of the batteries by the government. Source:

As for my weekend itself, it was pretty good. My brother received the rank of Eagle on Friday night. I was the MC for the event and it went VERY well. He has definitely excelled in Boy Scouts faster than I did and will likely achieve a much higher rank of achievement than I ever did. Next on his todo list is going to be becoming a Black Belt as my father and I already have.

Saturday was spent with the grandparents and sleeping in followed by heading back to Atlanta. Sunday was spent doing homework and eatting brunch at the White House Caf?. Love going there and will probably be hanging out with Robbie later this week. Finished the weekend in grand style watching more Babylon 5. I absolutely love the show and find myself wishing I could watch the next episode on a rather regular basis.

Lastly, my next project is going to be creating the music blog I promised for my girlfriend.