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Old Spice Style

July 14th, 2010 No comments

If I ever do my own ad campaign, I will definitely follow the model that Old Spice is using right now. If you are unfamiliar with what they are doing, they have the man in their regular TV commercials (which are quite humorous to say the least) doing personalized YouTube videos for people sending the OldSpice twitter account a message of what they would like said. Suddenly, Old Spice is getting tons of brand awareness, resulting from a little bit of real-time, instant work. Very interesting to say the least.

As more people become aware of this project of Old Spice’s, more people will submit to have videos made. As more videos are made, the larger the presence of Old Spice on YouTube and the internet in general. The larger their brand awareness level is, the greater expected profits for Old Spice and increased purchasing by consumers. To top it off, it is definitely a CHEAP advertising campaign. They are doing everything in probably 1-2 takes, and a little bit of writing ahead of time. The result will likely be a combo of the best use of social media to advertise and one of Old Spice’s cheapest advertising campaigns.

Of course, the novelty of this advertising scheme will likely only be viable for another day or so of straight use, but after that time, and giving the social communities a rest, Old Spice or someone else can likely rinse and repeat the process. Now, the most interesting use of this ad campaign would certainly be if someone ELSE had the guy say something that advertised for a different product all-together. Association would get the word of this other product out there, but would likely ruin the ad campaign for all the bystanders.