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April 26th, 2010 No comments

I find it amusing that a CNN article is what gets me frustrated enough to blog again. But before I write down my very angry thoughts towards the terrible assumptions and conclusions that they jump to in this article, I will do a quick, brief, catch-up on what’s new in life.

The semester is almost over, so that means a few things have finally come to fruition.

  1. I finally (officially) landed that summer internship I’ve been working on since last November. Really looking forward to the new opportunities, spending the summer with my girlfriend in DC (living with her folks), and having a solid plan for the summer!
  2. Being able to see my girlfriend who is coming back from China on May 4 and I’ll be able to see her on May 10th (going to drive all day to do it too)!!!!!
  3. My roommate and I signed on an apartment to live in. He will be there over the summer, but I will not be (we made arrangements for rent though, so all’s good).
  4. I am presently in Dead Week, which means the workload is light for once and I am supposed to be studying more than I am right now.
  5. My girlfriend and I are going to be going to Israel on our Birthright trip (the same one we unfortunately missed over the Christmas break), and we are really excited for that!

Overall, things are good, and will be awesome this summer!

Now, to that stupid news article that is bugging me (which can be found here)!

I will preface my rant with the fact that I agree with the general undertone of the article, that there needs to be greater checks and balances, and that the SEC should not be exempt from that. However, the article points out that 33 SEC employees over a five year period were accessing pornography using government resources. This statistic is immediately followed by Republican Darrell Issa quoted saying the following:

It is nothing short of disturbing that high-ranking officials within the SEC were spending more time looking at pornography than taking action to help stave off the events that brought our nation’s economy to the brink of collapse

Now I don’t have all the data, or the actual report, but I can sincerely say that 33 out of the thousands of employees within the SEC could not have stopped the present recession from happening if they had not been looking at pornography with government resources! This fallacy is ridiculous in my eyes, and is one of the reasons that I have so much trouble with our present government. To top it off, Issa is the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform… this is the same person that is trying to reform our government to work better. I am so thoroughly unimpressed by the exaggeration and extravagance of his comment that I lost a little more faith in the supposed representatives of our people.

Also, videos of our government representatives saying unintelligent crap like this only greater disheartens me!

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