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A New Year

January 7th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

So there are updates, upgrades, and all sorts of other things going on in my life that I have NOT blogged about. But first why I haven’t blogged in a while:

I found that my posts were heading towards the melodramatic and figured that I didn’t need to be posting these online for the public to see. If I really need a place to have these posts, I should just get a LiveJournal account and angst all I want to the few people who would want to read it.

So what am I doing about this? I am re-centering my blog’s focus on computer/technology stuff, philosophical ideas and inspirations that come to mind, and the big highlights of my life that deserve to be shared.

Where that takes us from here: I would like to get back into a habit of semi-regular blog posts with a goal of 1-2 per week (aim for Mondays and Fridays). I can’t guarantee this nearly as well as I would like, but so be it. What I will try to do to increase the likelihood of this happening is, since my writings come in bursts anyways, capitalize on that with the ability to publish far off into the future so I can knockout 1-3 posts in a single sitting. With that being said, the only other things that this post is going to cover is the website upgrades and updates that have occurred, some of them no less than an hour before I started typing this blog post.

Updates/upgrades: obviously I have updated the WordPress install to the latest version first and foremost and then I started checking out some additional plugins so I can try to keep track of some of the statistics on this blog. Outside of my blog, I have done some work on the layout of mostperfect.net itself and have finally moved my old jewelry site to the background by putting it into my “Archive” section. Yes, those buttons are actually photoshop created by me, I am mildly proud of myself that I finally got around to doing them… I have only been planning those for 3 months. Lastly, I have updated my girlfriend’s URL to point to the homepage now instead of straight to BurgerBlog like it was. This upgrade will allow all the links for her URL/categories/etc… to point to the same place regardless of which base URL is used.

Next update: expect a new update this Friday at the latest. I am going to post about the winter adventures, how they could and should have gone, what happened with my overall GPA, and then move on to an introduction of the new system I am going to be trying out during the spring semester for note-taking.

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