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Lately my posts have been sporadic at best. To my tiny reading audience, sorry about that! The final month of my co-op semester was more than filled with activities ranging from preparing for an Open Source Software conference that I helped pull off (for free admission to it), to the visit with my grandparents (which I described in a post yesterday), to me simply not wanting to spend time on my computer at the end of a work day. In all reality, hectic was only part of it. To put it simply, “it is what it is”.

As for how things are going to be looking going forward, with at least this semester. I am taking classes this fall, and hence get some free time during the days again (which can be VERY nice to have between classes and the like). My courses are 3 computer science classes, economics (my last social science… for real this time!), and a management class (working towards that Entrepreneurship Certificate). I have my Information Security class in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and my management class Monday, Wednesday. On Tuesday, Thursday I have my other two computer science classes followed by my economics class (so basically class in the morning, one hour break, other two classes, then go back to the apartment at 3). With that (not so light when it comes to the work load) schedule, I should be able to put out at least a post per week on here. I am not planning on doing any part time work to fill the gaps this semester because I need a higher than 3.7 for the semester to achieve my goal of a 3.5 overall GPA.

On another note though, I will be meeting with a study abroad advisor on Tuesday of this week to determine the logistics of me going to China. I would really love to go, but understand that if I cannot get academic credit for more than one class (besides the Chinese that I would take while there), then I cannot substantiate making the trip. Also, my girlfriend and I are planning on going getting the details for going on the Birthright Israel trip in December. Have to get all the information for that though.

Lastly, I have been working on a post (for about a month now, have gotten bogged down for the above mentioned reasons) regarding how to manage your finances as a college student. I feel that this is a VERY important topic to cover with the present economy taken into consideration.

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