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Deleting Personal Information

June 28th, 2009 No comments

So both my girlfriend and myself got tired of how much personal information we had out there on the respective sites that we have joined. The result was the two of us literally sitting down and purging our Facebook accounts and removing our Myspace accounts completely. However, it also brought up a wonderful concept that really should be done.

When dealing with Facebook, the main reasons most people want to keep it is because they have the contacts with old friends and they don’t want to lose all the pictures. Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click a button on a photo album and download all the pictures from that album to your computer in a single zip file? Or be able to go to all the images where you are tagged and download all of those files? As is, you can already go through and save each individual file pretty easily, but that just takes WAY too long to go through all 200+ images that have me tagged in them AND then make sure I have every single image that I ever posted to my profile. Well, long story short, I am thinking about trying to get a group together to make this small application for Facebook. It probably won’t be happening within the next couple weeks, but maybe in a month or so, after I have my business ideas going a little bit (I might make it a first project to get the sites name out there?) I will tackle it. We shall see about that, but at least now I have the idea in writing and out there, so worst case scenarios are a) someone else makes it or b) it never gets made. Either way, here is the start of a possibility.

Also, I have continued working on my business ideas/plans, but unfortunately have gotten side tracked by having to deal with a couple people getting involved that I didn’t really want to have knowing. Today (or it might have been last night, doesn’t really matter) I sent off an NDA to both of those individuals so that hopefully I can tie things up with a pretty bow legally and ensure no competition from either of them (only really worried about one of them even doing anything with the information thought). I will naturally do my best to update on this soon.

Browser Wars

June 15th, 2009 No comments

It has become apparent to me that either web browsers have gone down hill or the web itself is so poorly coded at times that it just crashes all browsers. It is likely the latter, but that doesn’t keep me from complaining about the inadequacies of certain browsers. Everyone knows about how much Internet Explorer sucks, and that is why their market share went from a peak of 95% of all browsers to ~65% of all browsers today [source]. The latest typical browser of choice has become Firefox, and that is the browser that I lately have been bitching about the most.

Recently I encountered an issue with the Gecko engine behind Firefox that made it difficult at best to get a web page to print in the format you desire. As a result of such issues, It has been built into CSS to be able to select the media that the style sheet goes to (selecting print will only send that style sheet to the page if it is being printed). This is extremely handy for trying to get around these bugs that are built into a lot of different browsers including Firefox. As it turns out, Firefox is not able to print all CSS even though it is all supposedly supported. After a lot of trial and error, amongst other attempts at fixing the issue, I found that Firefox didn’t like the CSS “display: inline-block;” which does so happen to be valid… stupid Firefox!

Since starting this post, I have encountered a brand new reason to hate the way that IE6 renders a page. It actually does it counter-intuitively! Here is an example of it:

Argh! So basically I am pissed at web browsers and their difficulties right now, but I must say one nice thing about one of the above mentioned browsers. Firefox is very nice to do web development in. It has a plugin called Firebug that is absolutely awesome and without it, quite a few of us web developers would be lost when it comes to styling a web page.

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It’s been a while

June 13th, 2009 No comments

So it has been quite a while since I have posted here. The main reason is that whenever I have thought about posting here, it has been about a topic which would directly pertain to one of the people who were reading this blog almost religiously. It is unfortunate that I censored my posts as such, but it was necessary to keep good relations with all those people, AND I have talked to them about those issues at this point (I figured it would be better to talk about these things in person or over the phone than to bring them up through a blog). But on to what I have been doing.

Since my last post: the Spring semester ended (earned a 3.74 for the semester and have a 3.44 overall. Not quite my goal for the year yet, but getting there!); went on a road trip to New Hampshire with my girlfriend to see her folks; started my 4th co-op work term; have come up with a new business idea which I will outline when it is more fleshed out; finished a project at work that has been plaguing me since my previous work semester in the Fall (a media module for the website); solved a printing CSS issue at work; and have had the greatest 6 month anniversary with my girlfriend that could ever be asked for! Overall, it has been a very productive last 2 or so months since I posted.

I don’t have much else that I can think of which will need updates right now, but I am sure that I will come up with something. I have been compiling a long list of links that I will eventually assemble some kind of blog about, I am sure of it. One of the things that I would really like to do at some point this summer is REALLY get to know Photoshop so that I can create some nice website layouts with it. That would be freaking awesome!

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