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Classes & Study Abroad

April 19th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I have decided on the classes I am going to take in the fall (and have registered for them). I am presently signed up for 15 hours of classes (all CS classes) but will drop one of them if I decide it is too difficult to keep with the other 4. I am signed up for:

  • CS 3210: Designing Operating Systems
  • CS 3240: Languages and Computation
  • CS 3251: Computer Networking I
  • CS 3510: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (not looking forward to this class at all! Not to mention it is at 9 AM on MWF)
  • CS 4235: Introduction to Information Security

I really don’t want to take CS 3510 because it is a follow-up to Combinatorics, which I really really struggled with! It is also at 9 AM on MWF, another reason to not take it, but the GPA of the teacher is substantially better than the GPA in CS 3240 where the averge GPA for the teacher is 2.99. My solution was sign up for all of them and drop one if I decide its workload is going to be too much.

In regards to Study Abroad, I am thinking that I will be going to the same program as my girlfriend at this point. I don’t HAVE to apply by November 15th, and won’t need to get approval from all the different offices/departments at Tech till September or October to make sure I am all set for Spring 2010. I will try to meet with the Internation Education advisor this week so that I can confirm that this will be an option and maybe so they can adopt it into their own list of offered programs.

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