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Working with Others

March 27th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am sure that everyone, at some point in their life, has worked in a group to meet a certain end, goal, or something else of the like. Well I presently have a CS class that is geared entirely to group projects. Unfortunately, The very people that I originally thought were going to be the strongest members of the group have turned out to be the biggest annoyances in my life. Well that is over dramatic quite honestly, but this specific someone is definitely getting on my nerves at this point. To properly relate the entire story though, I think that it is necessary to start with a quick retelling of a little bit of last semester than my present issues.

When I was selecting classes for this Spring semester, I decided that it would be great to have as many classes as possible with my friends. As it turned out, I determined that I would try to take all my classes with a single friend (ended up being 3 of my 4 classes) and managed to have a friend in all my other classes. Well, I ended up registering for 2 CS classes and an lab science with this certain person (sorry, don’t like calling people out on ranting blogs because I know this is googleable). I thought that it would be great to take classes with this person because we have known each other since Freshman year and can typically cater our work habits to fit each other’s needs pretty easily.

The very ability for us to be able to cater our actions to fit the other’s needs is what seems to have been the downfall of things. The project that we are doing requires us to work together to make a Supply Chain model with seperate pieces that work together. When we have had group meetings, we have done our best to cater them to everyone’s free times, as one would expect. When trying to get things done for a deadline, we have attempted, for the most part, to do the same thing. Unfortunately, it would seem that such is not quite good enough for this person who has become, seemingly, increasingly pushy with making things fit their own schedule instead of the group’s schedule. It has just gotten under my skin during the course of this semester how hard it is to relate information to this person regarding class work and how things should be done when they are NEED them accomplished on their schedule.


As for the actual issue that I have run into with my piece of the project, we have a class in the Supply Chain that handles orders from stores to suppliers. Unfortunately, when I was trying to code the UI for this screen, it won’t work the way I would expect. The Order class is set up to contain an Item (what is going to be ordered or what is delivered), a status, the store, the supplier that will receive the order, and that is it. Seems simple right? Well, when coding the UI, and I am trying to dig down to the Item variables, it won’t let me get to it’s instance variables and instead tells me that it doesn’t know anything about that class. This naturally is driving me a little bit NUTS, and this certain someone has just been adding to my general frustrations by sending me repeated messages/texts trying to find out when I am done so that they can go back and tackle their own part again for it is apparently not possible to code their parts without mine… that’s rich. </rant again>

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