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March 30th, 2009 No comments

This weekend was very good. Well, that’s as long as you don’t think about the large amount of the weekend I spent doing homework… but that is inconsequential. Saturday was spent with my girlfriend and working on my CS 2340 project. The 2340 project is substantially farther along, and my relationship is doing very well. Sunday was a long day of procrastination of my CS 2200 project and then finally doing the project. Once I sat down to do the project, I only put in a few hours (maybe 3?) and was able to knock out about 80% of it. In my opinion, that was a pretty good accomplishment considering how little time I had to put into the project to get there.

Today is going to be spent finishing my CS 2200 project and moving my CS 2340 project farther along so that we can tackle the next milestone of it. Later this week shall be interesting though. Thursday is my next CS 2200 test. Friday is my brother’s Eagle Court of Honor, which I am going to be MC’ing and need to write a speech for. Saturday night is going to be my girlfriend’s Spring Fling. I am really looking forward to the dance! Should be fun. I need to check my suit though to make sure it is all clean.

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Working with Others

March 27th, 2009 No comments

I am sure that everyone, at some point in their life, has worked in a group to meet a certain end, goal, or something else of the like. Well I presently have a CS class that is geared entirely to group projects. Unfortunately, The very people that I originally thought were going to be the strongest members of the group have turned out to be the biggest annoyances in my life. Well that is over dramatic quite honestly, but this specific someone is definitely getting on my nerves at this point. To properly relate the entire story though, I think that it is necessary to start with a quick retelling of a little bit of last semester than my present issues.

When I was selecting classes for this Spring semester, I decided that it would be great to have as many classes as possible with my friends. As it turned out, I determined that I would try to take all my classes with a single friend (ended up being 3 of my 4 classes) and managed to have a friend in all my other classes. Well, I ended up registering for 2 CS classes and an lab science with this certain person (sorry, don’t like calling people out on ranting blogs because I know this is googleable). I thought that it would be great to take classes with this person because we have known each other since Freshman year and can typically cater our work habits to fit each other’s needs pretty easily.

The very ability for us to be able to cater our actions to fit the other’s needs is what seems to have been the downfall of things. The project that we are doing requires us to work together to make a Supply Chain model with seperate pieces that work together. When we have had group meetings, we have done our best to cater them to everyone’s free times, as one would expect. When trying to get things done for a deadline, we have attempted, for the most part, to do the same thing. Unfortunately, it would seem that such is not quite good enough for this person who has become, seemingly, increasingly pushy with making things fit their own schedule instead of the group’s schedule. It has just gotten under my skin during the course of this semester how hard it is to relate information to this person regarding class work and how things should be done when they are NEED them accomplished on their schedule.


As for the actual issue that I have run into with my piece of the project, we have a class in the Supply Chain that handles orders from stores to suppliers. Unfortunately, when I was trying to code the UI for this screen, it won’t work the way I would expect. The Order class is set up to contain an Item (what is going to be ordered or what is delivered), a status, the store, the supplier that will receive the order, and that is it. Seems simple right? Well, when coding the UI, and I am trying to dig down to the Item variables, it won’t let me get to it’s instance variables and instead tells me that it doesn’t know anything about that class. This naturally is driving me a little bit NUTS, and this certain someone has just been adding to my general frustrations by sending me repeated messages/texts trying to find out when I am done so that they can go back and tackle their own part again for it is apparently not possible to code their parts without mine… that’s rich. </rant again>

Concerts and Car Rides

March 27th, 2009 No comments

So, yesterday was jam packed full of activity it would seem. Started early with me heading back to Tech from Decatur and then was followed by a rushed shower so I could make class on time. My break between classes was filled with a group meeting for our 2340 project, and then that was followed by the highlight of the evening. After class, and a little catching up with my computer stuffs, I went over to Agnes to pick up Rachel so that we could go to the Dave Barnes concert she has been looking forward to for a month now. We drove two and a half hours to SC so that we could see Dave Barnes at a free concert… outside… in the dreary weather. Fortunately it didn’t rain while we were seeing the show, but it was a bit cold and wet out.

The concert itself was pretty good (minus the last 2 songs). The final 2 songs that they played weren’t so great because they had inadvertantly turned up the guitarist so much that he was drowning out all the other musicians. It was unfortunate because they were really really good songs. But it was still a good concert and very very enjoyable!

The drive back was long since it was 11 before the concert even ended. We ended up getting back to at about 2:15-2:30 AM. It was LATE. A good long night, a very long drive, and it was topped off with cuddling and falling asleep. I would say that the day was a great success!

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Utah, Spring Break, etc.

March 25th, 2009 No comments

Well, got back from Spring Break early Sunday morning. Red-eye back Saturday night from 2 time-zones away equals precious little sleep that night. But for a proper flowing blog, I should fill people in starting from after the tax forms were finished.

On Wednesday (3/18), our flight out to Utah (my mother’s and my flight that is) was scheduled for 6:50 but didn’t end up leaving until sometime late 7 PM Atlanta time. As a result, we arrived in Utah around like 9 and didn’t get out to Provo Utah until 11 (all Utah time now). My brother and father came out early the next morning because my brother had a state literary competition to attend all day Wednesday which competed with the flight. Basically the flight out was uneventful for both parties.

We were out in Utah of all places because my parents were attending a conference regarding their present (new) business opportunities. Other than that, there really wasn’t anything else that we were planning on doing while out there (besides skiing for my brother and I to fill a day’s worth of time). It is amazing how little there is to do in the state of Utah. I managed to wander the streets of Provo Utah for a good hour+ only to find NOTHING to do… and that wasn’t because I am under 21.

On Thursday, my brother and I took a hike up Y-Trail. The trail led up the side of a mountain on the outskirts of the city (town?). Gave a nice view of the city of Provo, but reminded me how out of shape I truly am. I am going to have to work on that during the course of the year so that I don’t get winded doing a short (less than a mile?) hike even if it is ALL uphill. Following that hour and a half of exercise, my brother and I spent the rest of the day in the hotel with me making a short excursion out to the grocery store to pick up snacks for the stay. Followed that by the family going out to dinner with some business partners and me pissing my girlfriend off over the phone (totally my mistake and I am not enumerating my mistake here). Things were eventually solved, but it put me in a hell of a sour mood Thursday night which resulted in me wandering the streets of Provo for well over an hour and calling my precious few remaining friends I seem to have.

Something I have noticed lately is that I don’t seem to have nearly as many friends as I did before I got to college, or even when I finished Freshman year of college. Not sure what happened there. My high school classmates have disappeared, those who I considered people I could call in most any situation to talk seemed to all be missing. Is always a sad realization and it has hit me more than once in the last few months starting in mid-December.

On Friday, my brother and I went skiing. It was a TON of fun! It helped that the weather was a high of 58 degrees. That’s right, my first time skiing was warm enough to wear short sleeves. By the end of the day, we were going down intermediate slopes. Was extremely exciting and I understand the draw to skiing now. Skiing is essentially losing control and attempting to manage that control in a manner that will keep you on your feet. Extremely exhilarating!

Saturday was hang out in Provo and nurse my sunburn day with a red-eye home leaving at 12:50 Utah time. Nothing truly exciting during the day, so I will jump ahead to Sunday.

On Sunday, I got in my car from the parking lot and came back to Atlanta (was technically already in Atlanta, but had to drive back to the middle of Atlanta). It was about 7:30 in the morning when I got in my car and I drove straight to Decatur to see my girlfriend. Was excited enough to actually run across the lawn to get to her dorm building so I could see her. Amazing how being physically apart can show two people how much they miss each other and care about each other. That’s about where I am at. I miss her pretty much whenever I am not physically with her. I assume that this will lessen to a manageable level farther down the road, but right now it is hard to not spend time with her! The rest of the day was spent with her and all my free time (and her’s) on Monday and Tuesday were spent together, even if we were just sitting on opposite sides of the room to get our respective homework done.

Just to highlight that final point, I am presently sitting, talking to her over IM and discussing how we miss each other. Basically, this has become the main topic of conversation at the forefront of our minds and I have no problem with this! Since this blog post is just turning into a rant about the same subject of my desire to constantly be with my grilfriend, I will end the post here. I will post again in the next couple of days.

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Tax forms == complete

March 17th, 2009 No comments

I have finished my tax forms which is a very nice feeling. Means I shouldn’t have to worry about that again until next year unless there is an issue that the accountant finds with this year’s paper work. Taxes really are not easy at all to accomplish. They require such a large amount of financial information about yourself that, half the time, you don’t even think about recording. Things that I should think to record this year to make next year’s taxes easier (and I probably won’t remember to record anyways):

  • Keep even better track of my mileage for my car.
  • Do better book keeping this year in regard to credit card expenses and car insurance.
  • Handle my business expenses better so that they are in one location instead of 3.

In other news, I don’t feel quite right and that is about all I am going to say about my present feelings.

Lastly, I am not planning on having my computer with me during my trip starting tomorrow, so I will probably not be back online until then. There might be a last minute update post tomorrow before I leave though. I just don’t want to have to deal with keeping track of my computer while out of town where I am supposed to be enjoying the city and new places.


March 10th, 2009 No comments

Sometimes, anticipation can be more stressful than the actual event itself. I am not saying that such is the case for my girlfriend right now as she is presently going through her medical tests, but I have heard how her stress level has fluctuated over the last week while waiting for her tests to occur, and now to get the results. Tomorrow, at whatever time her appointment is, she will get the test results and will learn her next step (surgery or otherwise). The results at that point are presently unknown, but we shall just have to wait and see.

As for the anticipation part, I know that I run into the same problems. Before I met her parents, I was nervous about doing so. The anticipation was killing me and left me with butterflies in my stomach. However, I knew that once I actually met them, everything would be just fine. My intuition about things was completely correct. Once I met her parents, everything was fine. The butterflies went away AND I didn’t make a fool out of myself. Just one example of the anticipation being substantially more nerve racking and stressful than the situation itself ever could be.

<rant> I hate EAS and find it to be a totally pointless class </rant>

This week

March 9th, 2009 No comments

Ugh, this week is not going to be terribly fun. There are way too many things due this week, especially at the end of it. It is really unfortunate, but I guess this IS what they do every year to us right before our Spring Break. Turned in a project today, have another due on Friday. Have a homework due Friday. Have a test tomorrow and a quiz on Friday. All around, makes for a very busy week.

In other areas, I have decided that I really really like the theme that I have here on my blog. I have decided that I am going to do something similar if not the same as the theme on the blog so that my site is rather uniform. If I don’t do the same thing (because I have to do some extra coding to make the theme work), then I might just use the theme as inspiration. After I have finished the visual redesign (over the course of the next few weeks/the rest of this month), I will focus on the content of the rest of the site along with the back-end of the site so that the content can be more dynamic.

<rant> as a side note, my room mate has evolved from just running a single Runescape account to running two Runescape accounts AT THE SAME TIME! I just said to him “wow… talk about wasting time!” </rant>

Presently Update and Job Offer

March 6th, 2009 No comments

Things are doing just fine now, just needed a little bit of time.

In other news, I have been offered a job to do some freelance work for a local company called Integrated Medical Care that basically covers medical and disability care for businesses, organizations and communities. They apparently need a billing and invoicing web app for internal usage, so I asked my friend who offered me the job (he is just the IT admin over there) to let me know what the details are. Hopefully I will have that info by end of the weekend so that I can act on it if so interested. Don’t know the pay rate or the specific required hours, but I would be able to work from my own apartment on my own computer(s) which would be pretty awesome! I will update on that when I have more info.

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March 6th, 2009 No comments

So, presently I feel like I am forcing conversation when she doesn’t want to talk to me. I certainly hope that this is just me, but I am definitely getting the “don’t talk to me right now” vibe from her. Should I be wrong, I will of course feel a lot better, but in the mean time I don’t feel so great right now. An update will probably be forthcoming at some point later today. I don’t want to text her because I feel like she doesn’t want the text messages. I don’t want to call her because our conversation earlier today seemed like she didn’t want to talk to me. Just all around leaves me between a rock and a hard place in trying to figure out what to do.

And the complaining blog posts begin…

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