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The winter holidays

December 20th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I find myself here again, like every year, wondering “what the hell am I going to get for everyone.” Out of my immediate family, I have something planned for my mom and brother, but have totally failed to come up with anything for my father. Is it bad that I run into this same issue EVERY year with buying for my dad? I really should solve this problem at some point… too bad his favorite things to do are all things that I don’t really have experience with and hence don’t know how to buy for his desires.

Another issue I have with the holidays is how darn commercialized they are. It simply bothers me how the gift giving of Christmas is not as much a thing to be “felt from the heart” but is designed for the corporate market to earn an extra buck off of people. I have just about come to the conclusion that very few people are even sincere about their gift giving now and instead feel they are required or that it is their duty to give gifts. Thank you world media for ingraining this thought process so thoroughly that the giant corporate monsters of companies can continue to earn monies even in bad times.

Ok, that’s enough ranting about that. In other areas, I am planning on doing a rather brief review of my new laptop once I pull it out of the box. I know I am extremely behind all the normal reviews of the new Macbook Pro, but I just think it is fitting to do a review of it near the beginning of my blog… gives the blog a different feel from simply being my own rantings. Besides, some useful information on the blog would definitely be a plus and might actually promote it to get a hit or two from google.

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