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New Years Eve

December 31st, 2008 No comments

What is truly so great about New Years Eve? Some people would say the parties. Others would say the bringing in of a brand new year. Others would go with the fact that we are on the doorstep of a new year to screw up. Others say that we have a blank slate to work with and they make New Years Resolutions. But that view point really depends on pessimism vs. optimism. Can’t argue that in the end.

I find this New Years Eve as the first one in about 4 years where I haven’t gone out and done something. Last 3 years have been over at Marlowe’s house since her mother has put on a big New Years party every year. This year… my friends are all out of town and I am going to be sitting at home enjoying some Champagne with my parents and probably going to sleep right about 12:30 or so. Exciting right? Heh, not really. Maybe we will find a good movie or something else to do. 5 hours and counting.

Mario’s True Origins

December 29th, 2008 No comments

So, after much scientific study and research, Mario’s true origins have become plain. Initially, we could only narrow it down to 3 possibilities.

1) Mario is an Italian plumber just like Nintendo says… but this just doesn’t seem to be the case. Look at the poor guy, he is chasing goombas and koopas around, and only occasionally does he work on any pipes. And when he does work on people’s pipes, can you really call the work he does good enough for a tradesman?

2) Mario is Jewish… maybe even a Jewish pirate (or maybe just a pirate). He is obsessed with that which is shiny. Coins of all size, shape, and color. Stars are another favorite of his, for he must, at all costs, find the stars. The stars are shiny and remind him of where he belongs, amongst them.

3) Mario is Irish. To be more precise, Mario is a Leprechaun, and a well disguised one at that. Course, if you are going to argue he is disguised, you must be under the impression that all Leprechauns dress in green overalls and never veer from this wonderful fashion statement. So besides the fact that he wears the get-up of a Leprechaun in different colors, he is also obsessed with gold (just like the pirate theory, but more applicable). He hordes it, and also is constantly trying to collect his lucky stars.

By the stars, Mario is most definitely, 95% Irish! I say 95% because we must still say that he has 5% Italian plumber simply in honor of Nintendo and Mario’s legacy leading up to this shocking finding.


December 27th, 2008 No comments

So, my impressions of the new Macbook Pro. The noticeable differences include extended battery life, increased processing power, the trackpad’s multi-touch functionality, and the anti-skipping/scratching of the hard drive. Of these changes, the most impressive change is the anti-skipping/scratching of the hard drive in my opinion. Whenever the computer is moved or jolted you can hear the hard drive skip a little bit. It is by far one of the most impressive hard ware changes that I have seen in a laptop.

Other than the hard drive’s ability to keep itself whole and scratch free, the extended battery life is obviously WONDERFUL! There is a down side to the extended battery life which is that it takes extra long to recharge the battery. It can sit in my room unplugged, asleep, gradually losing a little bit of power, but it might take a good 45 minutes to an hour for it to recharge that seemingly 15-30 minutes of battery life. Seems kind of bizarre that it would take so long to recharge such a small amount of battery life, but that might just be a result of the different type of battery. It is nice to have a 3-4.5 hour battery life, I’m definitely not complaining!

The processing power of the new computer is really nice. It may only be .4 GHz faster with the same CPU, but the graphics and 4 GB of RAM make a HUGE difference. I have also noticed a greater amount of hardware optimization with the multiple CPUs and the 2 graphics processors. When you do something that is very CPU process intensive I have watched my CPU monitor and it doesn’t always try to balance the load over all the CPUs and will instead use just one of the CPUs. Pretty nice CPU usage.

The trackpad’s multi-touch functionality is very very nice. Being able to easily access Expos? is very nice. Simple 4 finger flick on the trackpad will show all the open windows and again will take me to the desktop. Pretty much, I really like it!

Basically, I really like the laptop. It is nice to be able to run multiple applications VERY smoothly.

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Alzheimer’s and Leatherheads

December 25th, 2008 No comments

So just a warning before I even really start this post, there is bound to be some rantings in this post regarding Alzheimer’s and the issues I have with my grandmother’s condition. On to the post.

So my grandparents have arrived here for the Christmas holiday. Their visits seem to revolve around the holidays of the year. Sometimes it is Thanksgiving, other times it is Christmas (like this time), and even other times it resides with some other holiday that typically involves leaving the house. But see, my father’s parents aren’t the type for going out because it makes for such a big todo. But that is besides the point.

Watched the movie Leatherheads this evening and I found that I really liked it. The setting was 1925, and of course that coincided with prohibition across the US. One thought led to another, like usual, and I began thinking about what actually makes alcohol such a taboo item in society today and yet the most advertised (legal?) drug on the market. In reality it really isn’t all that taboo. Just like smoking was a societally accepted habit just 20 (30?) years ago. All the cool kids did it… now there is an age limit on it. A large number of people argue that if you can go off and fight and die for our country, you should be able to drink. There are others that argue that you shouldn’t be allowed to drink till you are 21 so that your brain has sufficient time to mature first (don’t know what scientific fact that is based on… how can you put a date on the maturity of a brain without taking into account all the other things that factor into “maturity” on a case by case basis?). Do I know how things SHOULD be handled? I would never presume to know even remotely enough about the situation. What truly irks me is that politicians decided they did know enough on the subject. What gives the politician the idea that he knows better than I do?

That of course brings me to politicians… but I think that should be saved for a much much later blog post.

As for Alzheimer’s… the disease that kills your brain and then you. I really hate it, and especially how it destroys what could be family enjoyment. Examples are obvious all over the place. Look at movies like the Notebook (great movie by the way) and everyday situations that are seen in nursing homes around the country (and even the world… but I am not so worldly as to assume I know they are called nursing homes everywhere). I get the reminder everytime I see my father’s parents. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and I am reminded of it everytime they come to visit. It is of course EXTREMELY prevelant in everyday conversation with her. She can get an idea for something to write down and sit in front of the computer (assuming she makes it there) for hours on end with just 2 somewhat coherant sentences sometimes. It truly is devastating to see, and it is worse to watch as it destroys her ability to interact with us. Instead of being able to share a continuous conversation about a multitude of subjects, we end up on a single or couple topics of conversation that come up OVER AND OVER AND OVER. You tell her about one thing and eventually it gets too complicated to tell her the same thing again and it is easier to go with one or two syllable responses. It is unfortunate, but it is just the way things have become. “No, we don’t need you to bring a cake, just some fruit.” The most common way a conversation during the course of a day with her… and that is multiple times. That particular sentence was said to her 4 times the other day until my father had her write it down. The simple truth is the disease SUCKS!!!!

That is it for my Alzheimer’s rant. Soon to come is a break down of my present feelings about my laptop with some possible more rants about Alzheimer’s. I promise to keep them totally separate.

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Questionable intents

December 22nd, 2008 No comments

So, there is this whole “State of Emergency” going on in New Hampshire right now. Why? Because people are stupid. That is my summation. Maybe I am just naive or something like that, I don’t know. I just think that it is so thoroughly stupid to think that if you hold utility workers “hostage” that they will give you special treatment. It just doesn’t work that way. If they have to fix things in a certain order to get power back up and running then that have to fix things in a certain order.

The rioting and looting I at least can understand the motive behind. When desperate, human instincts and survival of the fittest take over. But holding hostages just doesn’t accomplish anything in my opinion, especially when there is a set way to get things done. Ah well, that is my rant of the day.

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Retro gaming

December 21st, 2008 No comments

I find myself over this holiday break drawn not to playing any of the new video games that we have (granted “new” is being used loosely even there since we haven’t gotten a new game in over a year). So what game is it that my little brother and I have begun playing again? We are playing Super Mario 64. Yes, I have already gotten all 120 stars on it before and have beaten bowser all 3 times, but the game has a certain level of allure to it that has some drawn at least me back to it.

Other games that I am thinking about playing right now for no other reason than to play something? I might beat Zelda again… yeah, the Ocarina of Time. Have beaten that one too, and in rereading what I have written thus far I see that I am such a nerd, it’s pretty funny. Ah well, of course the other game that I really want to play, but sadly don’t own it, is Civilizations 4. Looks good and I haven’t played a Civ game in years. Loved those games and wish to get the new one… should I decide to buy it for myself though, I haven’t decided if I will get it for the Mac or the PC. The conundrum is that if I get it for the Mac, then I could play it on my new laptop, however I might just end up playing during classes if I do that though, which isn’t a great idea. If I get it for PC, my desktop computer would continue to be my main gaming machine, but I will be betraying my new laptop. Course I could install Windows on my new laptop… I don’t like that idea at all! Well anyway, that is the thought process behind that purchase which I might just make following this holiday season. We shall see is all I really have to say about it though.

Regardless of that video game decision (which probably it isn’t a very good idea in the first place since the next semester is going to be so so damn hard), I have other things to focus on now over both the break and during the next semester besides video games. Not that that issue will even come close to stopping me from playing them, but we shall just have to see how it goes.

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The winter holidays

December 20th, 2008 No comments

So I find myself here again, like every year, wondering “what the hell am I going to get for everyone.” Out of my immediate family, I have something planned for my mom and brother, but have totally failed to come up with anything for my father. Is it bad that I run into this same issue EVERY year with buying for my dad? I really should solve this problem at some point… too bad his favorite things to do are all things that I don’t really have experience with and hence don’t know how to buy for his desires.

Another issue I have with the holidays is how darn commercialized they are. It simply bothers me how the gift giving of Christmas is not as much a thing to be “felt from the heart” but is designed for the corporate market to earn an extra buck off of people. I have just about come to the conclusion that very few people are even sincere about their gift giving now and instead feel they are required or that it is their duty to give gifts. Thank you world media for ingraining this thought process so thoroughly that the giant corporate monsters of companies can continue to earn monies even in bad times.

Ok, that’s enough ranting about that. In other areas, I am planning on doing a rather brief review of my new laptop once I pull it out of the box. I know I am extremely behind all the normal reviews of the new Macbook Pro, but I just think it is fitting to do a review of it near the beginning of my blog… gives the blog a different feel from simply being my own rantings. Besides, some useful information on the blog would definitely be a plus and might actually promote it to get a hit or two from google.

Inspiration for Intuition

December 19th, 2008 No comments

So, my first blog post. This is different from a Facebook note or a MySpace blog post… but the reason why is slightly beyond my reach. A Facebook note has always truck me as a quick way to contact a large number of people publicly. A MySpace blog has always seemed like a cheap method of blogging which anyone and their dogs could do. Creating a real blog, that seems to just require more effort, and hence should be more rewarding. Should be is the keywords there naturally. However, for some reason, I don’t think that this will fall on its face like some of my other attempts at blogging in my life for multiple reasons.

It helps to not be a teenager anymore while I sit here and come up with blog content. It just isn’t the same. When I was a teenager, blog content consisted of whining and moaning about how life was treating me, and that was it! Life wasn’t bad then, isn’t bad now, and hence isn’t worth whining about. Reason one why this will, from the start, be a better blog. Another reason is because I am not tagging or forcing my friends to see this. I am just putting it out there for people to see as they wish. The fact that ANYONE is going to be able to see this instead of just my friends I tag like on Facebook, or all the friends I have (had?) on MySpace, or the precious few that knew about my r/antings I did on Xanga just gives this a completely different feel. You could say that it is the maturing of me, or the maturing of my blogging, or in reality you could say just about whatever you want because it really isn’t going to affect me or the way I approach it.

What do I want to start a blog for? I truly haven’t decided what I want to start a blog for, other than to just have a place that I can write down that which happens in my life/I find interesting/rant about the stupidity of the world (yeah, deal with it, there will be some ranting)/anything else that will come to mind while sitting here typing away on my laptop. Yes, some of my blog posts will be about computers, and coding, and websites. Some of my blog posts will be about inspiration in my life, or intuition into situations around me. All and all, it will be what it is… or to use a quote I most definitely overused in High School “It is what it is.”

Yup, that would definitely be the best description of what this blog is going to be to me. “It is what it is.” **Makes that the tag line for the site**