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This part of the site is still under construction. Please check back on a regular basis to see what is new. To dos for and all its sister sites:
  • Content management for the jewelry images for my little brother to manage it better now that he has taken over that side of things.
  • Create the web security subdomain and the site behind it.
  • Make a more effective mailing list for the site for those people that want to be updated on a regular basis.
  • Jazz up the look and feel of the site.
  • Develop a better order form for the jewelry section.
  • Create an order form for the videography section.
  • Add a feature to the videography section to allow people to calculate the potential mileage cost of having me come and film their event by typing in their zip code.
  • Add drop down menus to the buttons menu on the left.
  • Maybe move the buttons to the top of the window for ease of use.
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