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If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be priceless

  • Scene selection menu on the DVD
  • Credits and transitions included
  • Filming of the event
  • Guest interviews
  • Personalized label on DVD
  • Extras quoted separately
  • One or more cameras available


    ”It was such a special time for us, and we didn’t realize how much we missed during the party and the Bat Mitzvah itself. We can really see how well she did now that we aren’t worrying about everything being just right, and it is no longer just a memory quickly fading away. We were able to hear the words from the Rabbi and were able to really appreciate them. The special effect of the curtain overlay matched my daughter’s personality amazingly well. The interviews with the party’s guests wishing my daughter well was a great addition and really was touching. The video just overall heightened the entire experience of the event and refreshed it in my memory.It was well worth the investment.”

-Gene Billian

    ”Aaron did a great job with interviewing such a multitude of people. It really gave the video a personal touch. The video itself was professional and serious. Aaron knew what he was doing and wasn’t flustered by any circumstance during the course of the event. During the party, the action scenes with the people on the dance floor and the guest’s participation in the various party events brought out the varied personalities and gave a better view of the atmosphere of the party. It is a great way to relive the experience and savor it. The piece was well done.”

-Bob Troy

    ”The DVD and Video arrived today. I couldn't resist watching it. Today being Rachel's 18th birthday, I must admit that I shed a few tears. You did a fabulous job on the production. Thank you SO much for this treasure for Rachel and our family. Your talents and your willingness to share them with others is truly amazing. . . Thanks again to you and your family for the production. ”

-Rita Miller
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Special Events

    The DVD makes for a wonderful memoire and a great keepsake. It is perfect for sharing the event with those who missed it and makes a unique gift for family members. Allows you to look back on the event with pride and fondness. Learn and capture forever the guests' viewpoints with personal interviews. Relive the memories for years to come. Special effects and music available for your total customized package.

Dates still available for 2006!

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