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For the first time in ages I am doing a real update AND posting about it in the news. I have recoded the entire website to both run smoother and to take care of the fact that the code was so redundant. Basically it just needed a code revamp, so from the end user's point of view you may not see any huge changes, but believe me, there were a lot that were made.

I am in the middle of doing a full site revamp. I have done quite a bit lately with my front page, my photo galleries, and added testimonials. I am working on the design your own earrings program, and hope to have that up soon. My first jewelry newsletter will go out soon, I just need a few more email addresses before I start sending it out. You can sign up for it in the Art/Jewelry section. There is a lot more work ahead of me and I would greatly appreciate any kind of comments about the site, the layout, or even the color scheme. I want to change the color scheme, but haven't decided what it should be and what would make it more appealling to people. So your input would be greatly appreciated.

While I have not been updating my news section, I have been updating my site itself. I have many more designs than ever before in my Art/Jewelry section. I also finished the graduation DVDs and shipped them out a while back. I have updated my videography section with more testimonials. My next few projects for my website are a sample video clip of my videography skills and a design your own earrings (and in the future, hopefully more pieces of jewelry than just earrings) program on my website. Keep checking back for future updates, and soon I will have a place to send me your email if you wish to know when new designs are up on my website and/or want a newsletter that I will start sending out.

Well, I have spent the last few hours working on the website, and have put into place some of the advancements I had mentioned before I left for Boy Scout camp. All the jewelry pictures have been worked on and replaced by better, brighter, easier to see images. Some of the images I have are not fixable, but I did my best with them. I also added which items are duplicatable and which ones are one of a kind. On the front of the graduation DVDs, I have some work to do on them, and will keep you all posted.

The graduation DVDs are well underway. I will be out of town during the next week, however the DVDs should come out on schedule. For those of you that do not already know the schedule for the DVDs, it is for them to come out in 3 to 4 weeks following graduation itself. I hope that everyone is having a great summer, and I promise to update my website as soon as I get back:

  • Things that will be done as soon as I get back:
  • Will continue work on the graduation DVDs.
  • Replace all jewelry pictures with better, brighter, easier to see images that I have been working on over the last couple weeks.
  • Give the site a makeover for the better. I would love design and layout comments from anyone and everyone, so feel free to drop me a line.
  • Set up a videography event request system.
  • Set up a custom jewelry design system.
  • Make the jewelry so that you can tell which jewelry is in stock, which is one of a kind, and which is easily replicated (in case it is not in stock, a copy can be quickly made).
I would say that I have my hands full once I get back from Boy Scout camp (which is where I will be off to over the next week).

I have updated the website in many areas. The artwork layout has been slightly updated and I have changed some of the templating of this site for personal use. I have also changed the contact email address. My new email address is, feel free to contact me. If you have comments on the site, improvements, etc. than just send your email to Hope that you all enjoy the site and feel free to drop me a line.

Well I have finally gotten around to updating the site. Boy is there a lot to be updated. I am working on a logo right now and got rid of the rather annoying marquee scrolling in the top left corner. I have updated my jewelry, and there is only more to come. With the jewelry, there is also a new category: Anklets. Brand spanking new!

I have added a few more pictures to the photo gallery and now have some combinations up for sale. I am also in the process of fixing some of the photography, since it was so bad on so many of the of the pictures. Also, the 'About us' page is now up and running. The 'Contact info.' page is also up and running now. Feel free to contact me about any comments you may have, purchasing information that you may need, and other things.

I have put into place the present version of my photo gallery for my artwork. I hope that you all like it, but the present layout will soon change once more as I am going to be changing it again once I have a better photo gallery (i.e. it isn't thrown together like the present one is).

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